November 28, 2012

And Down for the Count I Go!

So... first hubs get the flu, then baby girl gets sick. Both get better but then on Monday my daughter got an ear infection. Well... we thought that was all it was. I had a rough night THEN I woke up with the stomach bug this am! So... in my past two weeks, I have taught ONE day. That makes quality blogging a little tough. (That and my camera is downstairs, which I have no energy to get!)

I had some great lesson plans and fun learning activities set to go. Man... I hated to miss it!
I have been working in spurts from home, when I have enough energy!

Here is my new scramble activities
It uses 5 word sentences and is going to be a ton of fun!
My class loves these. 

Off to sleep some more!


  1. Your animals scrambles look very cute!! I hope you are feeling better!

    The First Grade Dream

  2. Oh, what a bummer! I hope EVERYONE is on the mend soon at your house.

    Granny Goes to School