August 05, 2012

New Year... New Ideas!

It is coming... it is coming... it is here! Well, for me at least.
Tomorrow is my FIRST day of school!

I worked pretty late on Friday night and took some pictures of the end result.
Here are the whole class pictures.
(I color coded the arrows to help you see different elements.)
 Here are my "turn in baskets" for work and unpacking baskets for agendas, folder, and such.
The baskets are on top of my cubbies.
On my calendar, I have my freebie Dr. Jean Cheers ready {free here}, sight word sentences and cards using I, a, and go, and my freebie pattern idea. {here}
Lastly, I have the cool Dr. Jean Nursery Rhyme CDs {here} ready with Mary had a Little Lamb and our first two reading strategies for the first week of school ready... check for understanding and using the pictures {here.} We will be using the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What You Do You Hear?

And here is what the outside of my room looks like.
I always add individual pictures of my students to the door. (Which is the main reason you normally do not see my classroom door on here.) I will be taking and printing their first day pictures next to their name on the door Monday.

Here is the opposite side of my cubbies. 
 Remember those baskets are "turn in baskets" for their work. Students have colored tables and they turn their work into the matching basket.
You can also see my CAFE headers with ribbon {free here.}
I also created this center time chart... loving it!!! {here}
And my newest item... my Monkey Behavioral Charts! {here}
(they are slightly crooked and it is driving me BANANAS!!!)
 The rules signs were Freebies from someone else and they can be found {here.} 

Once I got home, I remember 4 more things I NEED to get done in my classroom and about 15 things I NEED to get ready at home. GOODNESS me!

What is the one thing your classroom that drives you CRAZY?


  1. Great job Mary! I know your students will feel at home in your beautiful classroom! Have a terrific first day of school :)
    Maggie’s Kinder Corner

  2. Your room looks great!

    The one thing that drives me crazy is that I do not have enough wall space or bulletin boards. I have to be creative and use the windows, back sides of shelves, doors, even the ceiling. Anything is fair game.

    Have a great first day and a wonderful school year!

  3. Have a great first day back! Everything looks awesome!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  4. Have a wonderful first day! Your room is gorgeous, and those kiddos are going to be so excited! :) Try to get some sleep tonight... even though I know it will be hard! :)

    Carried Away in Kindergarten

  5. Your classroom looks spacious! Good luck tomorrow on your first day :)

    1. I have 24 kids on my list so far and with K you know there will be LOTS of surprise additions. They will fill the room up quickly. I try to leave space for floor work and wiggle room!

  6. Oh! Good luck! Mine don't come for a few more weeks! I have to admit, I feel a little anxious seeing these great rooms all set up and ready to go! Mine is a big mess! Sleep well!

    Have a wonderful first week! Good luck!

  7. This looks fantastic! Have a great week! :)

  8. Love your centers chart. Do you let them have free choice? I'm trying to decide if I should do it that way or have structured rotations!

    Miss A's Kindergarten

    1. I have 6 work centers (my tables) and lots of free choice centers. We don't do the work centers right away, but start once they are trained.
      Each student has to do the work centers by the end of the week.
      I LOVE free choices, but encourage hard work as well. This is the happy middle.

  9. I love your classroom! You did a great job organizing! Thank you for sharing the pics!
    Happy First Day! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  10. Your room looks fabulous! I worry that my room isn't "nice enough." Silly, I know, but I do. I want it to be cute YET fully functional. I re-arranged my furniture this year, so things will be different for me. Not only that, I have 5 new team members out of our 7 person team and I'm the leader. I'm hoping I don't go crazy this year!

  11. Everything looks so good! Our registration day is tomorrow!! I can't wait to meet my little ones.

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  12. Have a great first day back!! Your room looks great!!


  13. Your room looks awesome! I have mischievous monkeys all around my classroom too. When I get to school in a couple of weeks I hope to post some pictures of my classroom.

    Mrs.G's Kindergarten in Heels

  14. Your room is super cute!!! I would love to come to kinder there!! I started last week with my new kiddos and we have had a lot of fun so far. Enjoy your first day back!!!!

  15. Your room looks awesome! Good luck on your first day!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  16. Good luck tomorrow!!! You have some lucky students...they will love you and your room!

  17. Looks fantastic! How did you attach the clips to the board?

  18. i hope your first day went smoothly. room looks awesome

  19. Your room does look terrific. It is always hard for me to get jumpstarted at the beginning of the year. Our principal tends to move us to different classrooms every other year. It's a pain when you have to pack everything up and move across the campus. This is our second year as a Traditional school and he did it again. Your room gives me inspiration. Thanks!

    Pearl McCoy