June 03, 2012

Making It New...

Sometimes you gotta change it up... make it new... but keep it functionally the same.

 Here are my Friday Folders from last year (left) and for this upcoming year (right.)
I love the monkeys from Trend... and I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I am sure you all know about Friday Folders... but just in case.
I use these as a Friday Folder. 
These envelopes get stuffed with all their work, books, projects, 
and art to get sent home on Friday each week.
 They come back empty on Monday.  
 I have a basket for each child to return these to easily.

On the bottom of my folders, it says...
1.    Empty folder
2.   Look over papers and
talk with your child about their work.
3.   Hang up art work
4.   Return to school empty

I have also learned to never put the grade on mine. That way I can make them in advanced without worrying about a last minute grade change.

 Don't forget to head here for my Teddy Bear Unit for Free! Today is the last day to sign up.
 If you haven't gotten yours yet and you signed up before midnight last night, please email me. Your email was incorrect on the form and the unit was bounced back. 

Do you use Friday Folders?


  1. Good idea doing it once a week. I have folders and a Study Buddy that go home everyday. My daughters teacher did her folders once a week (fourth grade) and the students did most of the filing.
    I like your monkey theme!

    1. Once a week is so much easier. I send home work they struggled with or didn't complete that day, but other than that... once a week.

  2. We've used daily folders for the past years but I'm thinking of Friday folders for next year! I'm totally interested in the way you set them up and how they work out for you!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog

    1. Each color student table has a matching turn in basket. They turn their work into their basket. We sort them into these folders whenever we have a few minutes or on Thursday afternoon. I love color coding things. Red table gets a red basket, etc.