April 06, 2012

Spring Art Ideas

I am pretty sure these art projects came from The Mailbox. That was my resource for art for so many years before Pinterest was founded! (Follow me on Pinterest to see all the stuff I find now!)

I always teach using art. The art project is a way to make the lesson memorable. We do not just do art for art sake. We read the book, The Perfect Nest and did these activities with our chicks.
We also read so many Easter book and did the bunny hop with our footprint bunnies.

I love having some spring art projects that can be used with Easter but do not have to be. Easter messes up my Spring curriculum map because it varies to much each year. Sometimes it is early, sometimes it is late. 

Are you a fan of The Mailbox as well?


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  2. I love Mailbox ideas!
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    Rowdy in Room 300

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  4. I'm your newest follower! Loved the bunny and egg idea. This art project is way cute!
    Rowdy in First Grade