March 28, 2012

Fun Egg Art

Here is a simple, but FUN art activity to do with children. I did this with my Kindergarteners today and prepped some bigger eggs for my 3 year old sitter's house.

I hope you can see the pictures okay... the glue is hard to see! I prepped the eggs yesterday before I left work and let them dry over night. It doesn't take that long, but I knew no hands would mess them up this way. 

Some kids used the design on the eggs to guide their colors and some did not. They LOVED this simple activity and really took their time to make them look good. (Usually the colors all run together and look brown or black when they rush things!)

Tomorrow I will cut the eggs out and put them in a class basket for a cute decoration. 

For my little one's art, I used much larger eggs and outlined them with glue as well.

I would love to hear other crafts that are big hits in your home or school. 

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