February 25, 2012

Forces and Motion

In this post, I am going to share my new Kindergarten Lesson Plans for Forces and Motions. It covers motion, pushes and pulls, what things move and do not move, force, and gravity.

I have discovered over time that many teachers do not teach this unit... at all!
SKP2. Students will investigate different types of motion.
a. Sort objects into categories according to their motion. (straight, zigzag, round and round, back and forth, fast and slow, and motionless)
b. Push, pull, and roll common objects and describe their motions.

SKP3. Students will observe and communicate effects of gravity on objects.
a. Recognize that some things, such as airplanes and birds, are in the sky, but return to earth.
b. Recognize that the sun, moon, and stars are in the sky, but don’t come down.
c. Explain why a book does not fall down if it is placed on a table, but will fall down if it is dropped.

I happen to LOVE teaching these ideas because THIS is when I intro verbs and collaborate with the PE teacher to do some FUN stuff. Since no one (even me!) likes to write out lesson plans, I did it for you!
I took the full lesson plans and added charts, activities, and great links to make this unit awesome for you. I didn't have to buy any graphics for this unit, so I made it super cheap... like 50 cents a day cheap. 
I teach this after Space and in early spring.

Here is the link to this pack on TpT.


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  2. Hey where I can get this unit? I checked TPT but didnt see it. HELP!!!