December 05, 2011

Comparing Numbers/ Adding Game

**Also see the bottom for a freebie and additional math game.**
I made this game up, but I am SURE it is already something you already do. I did step by step photos to help anyone who has not played this game up.

Start like this:
Dump pieces... leaving colors alone.
Sort red on one side, yellow on the other.
Count and write the number of pieces underneath.
BIG HELP- put a dot- it helps to make the alligator bite!
Make the alligator bite the biggest number or put an equal sign if both sides are the same.
With my higher group, I have them add the two numbers. Here is the work my students completed. (It took only a few rolls for them to discover that there total was always going to be 10. The even understood that it was because the cup always had 10 chips in it.)
How I Play
We play this at school two different ways... whole groups and small group. When in small groups, I allow each child to do this independently. When in whole group, I break students into pairs, naming one yellow and the other red. (I purposely choose all high or all low to be one color so every group will have at least one able student.) The yellow person dumps, sorts yellow, write yellow, and collects. The red person sorts red, writes red number, make alligator bite, and erases.

I love this game, because you can review so many math skills on so many different levels. I use different amounts of chips in different students cups. Some groups can add, some groups can compare; some groups can compare, then add.
I also like to do with the the letter Bb using the two sided counting beans... just some extra fun.

I also made a There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell Comparing Numbers. I made 4 different sets for my class. Check it out here.

Here is freebie for numbers 1-10. It is a before and after number fill in. My kids are struggling with the before number this year, even though they can count back.

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