April 19, 2014

StichFix {#4}

 I am a HUGE fan of StitchFix... 
a clothing/styling service that 
shops and ships clothes to your door!

I started using this service 4 months ago.
Each month, I get an email reminder notifying me that my package has been shipped and will be arriving at my door.
Since I hate to shop, I hate to buy clothing, 
and I have no sense of style...
this is the one thing I do for myself each month.

When the reminder email comes, 
I smile to myself and look forward to the special package on its way.

Here is my package being opened...
I love the personalized note each fix comes with...
 I love how they remember my last fix and the items they sent me before 
AND they give me suggestions to match this fixes clothes with last times fixes.

Here are my five items I received on this fix...

1. Blue Pants
2. Silver Shirt

3. Dotted Sweater

 4. Blouse

5.Gray and Black Striped Shirt

Since I have absolutely NO style what so ever
{Remember I would choose to wear khakies and a different colored shirt everyday without help.}
I LOVE getting these styling guides that  
SHOW ME exactly what to wear with the clothing options they sent me. 
Now, I head to my closet and try to find clothes that I own that match the guide.
This sweater I got is "suppose to" match the maroon dress on the right.

 I have this strapless maroon dress so I paired it with the sweater like I suggested.
 And here is what it looked liked on me...
{My stomach looks preggo in this pic, 
but I am NOT in any way pregnant... 
just the pose.}

And here is another guide for the gray and black stripped shirt.
 I have a black skirt.
{Notice the wrinkles... I am such a REAL person.
And remember I was pregnant all last year... 
so it has been a while since I have worn it!}

And here is the outfit. 

And the style guide for the gray shirt.

{This shirt is very thin. I am gonna have to layer this for school for sure.
I think it will be a great shirt for the summer heat outside and summer air conditioners inside!}

I also thought the blue pants they gave me would look great with this shirt...
because the guide matched this shirt with a blue shirt.

So here is the blue pants and the silver shirt from my fix. 

And my last item was this throwback from the 80's.
{That should have stayed in the 80's and never have returned...}
Can you tell how I feel about this top??
{Haha... just having fun here! 
Trying to make you guys laugh...
and my hubs to laugh because he is taking these pics...
But there is no way I would ever put this shirt on again!}

In each fix you also get an itemized list of what your reivced,
the prices and discount if you purchase all 5 items...

So here is my results...

This is my "gonna keep" pile.

And these items are going BACK.
{To the 80's... haha}
And here is me with E trying to get the pictures taken 
and be a mommy at the same time!

If you are interested in getting a StitchFix of your own, 
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April 18, 2014

Easy Easter Art

 Need a simple
easy art project for Easter?
Check out these Watercolors Easter eggs!
Here is how you can prepare these eggs.
Trace several eggs onto white construction paper.
Using regular glue, create fun patterns onto the eggs.

Here is a close up view of the eggs.
Let the glue dry.
{The thicker the glue, the longer this will take.}

Cut out the eggs, leaving space on the sides.
{In other words, don't cut out the egg on the lines!}

Let your little wonderfuls 
 paint the eggs, using the lines of dried glue.

Let the eggs dry and cut them out around the egg.

And check out these bunnies...
They are a work in progress but they are coming along nicely!
You can figure out how to make them by clicking {here.}

April 17, 2014

Insect Ideas {Part 1}

Creepy Crawlies are NOT my favorite things to HAVE in my classroom, 
but I do love to TEACH about them in my classroom.

My students LOVE to learn about insects and 
I love to encourage their minds to work in whatever sparks interest in their minds.
Yes, even creepy crawly creatures.

We made these fun caterpillars in a very different way...
I cleaned out my play dough center and collected a lot of play dough container lids.
We used those lids and paint to stamp out the circles to create these caterpillars bodies.
{We didn't have yellow paint so I used orange instead.}
This was a huge hit in my classroom.
My little loves had messy finger tips, but they also created amazing caterpillars.

Then, we got to work creating beehives.
We took out pattern blocks and 
traced them into yellow bulletin board paper
\ to make these awesome hives in our table groups.
{This was a great OT activity by the way!}
Not all of my kids could do this well...
I started each hive by tracing one hexagon in the middle and
 then branched them out slightly so my kinders hands could get in there and get busy.

All their hands start off in the middle, but quickly branch out.

Check out their progress and hard work!
{I enjoyed seeing them work together to complete the whole hive.
They had to work together in a tight area for at least 10 minutes!}

Once the hives were completed, we hung them on the walls and added our bees!

We also got out Ladybug Lady from InsectLore.com.
As you can tell from the sticker... we use this year after year.
I order the refill larva and it comes in the tub beside the land.
{Yes, it comes in the tub... in the mail... with food for them to eat.}

Here is an up close view of the larva in the tub.

I like to read a book about ladybug lifecycles to my students.
Then I ask them what they think of the ladybug larva.
They usually say they are cool or they are gross.
We also like to compare them to a caterpillar.

Then I ask my little loves if they have ever seen a ladybug larva in real life.
{I have never had a student to actually say yes to this.}

I love for my assistant to be "the hero" and bring in the tube to show the kids. 
It gives them a moment of glory.
We put the larva in our land and go over the "Ladybug Land Rules."
{No lift the dome,  no shaking the dome, etc.}

Then we make our own paper ladybugs
because art is always the best memory maker.
I move the Ladybug Land around to the quietest table as they are working
so everyone can peek at our new friends.

Here is an example of our ladybug creations.

April 15, 2014

Tech Tuesday~ Reading Raven

Are you ready to check out an app or
two for
ech Tuesday?

I love showing you guys apps so you can see
if it is something you want for your classroom
and your students BEFORE you buy it.

Today let's try out Reading Raven 

Check out this video of these FUN apps. 

Please note, I do not get compensated to tell you about these apps. 
I only share with you apps I personally use in my classroom and
 that my students learn from and enjoy
In other words, this is my honest opinion about this app.

April 13, 2014

Love to Learn about Plants.

Using the season at hand and making lessons memorable
 is the best way to instill a concept and
make the teachable moments last in little learners minds for years to come.

Check out some of these memorable moments for Springtime Fun 
that connect literacy and science.
What concept are we going to cover? 

I adore the book Tops & Bottoms by Janet Stevens. 
This is an exception book to teach your little learners about plants. 
We used the concept of this book to sort veggies according to whether 
we eat the "tops" of them like lettuce 
or the "bottoms" like carrots or potatoes, 
or "middles" like corn and peas.

We also discuss the book and whether we feel that the character "Hare" is fair.
{He tricks another character "Bear" several times in this book.}

I made this carrot chart
and we use post-it notes with our names on it
to vote if Hare is fair or not.
The first time we voted, 4 students said yes he is fair, while 17 said no.
Then we discuss why he is fair with the 4 who voted that Hare was fair.
{Defend your answer time...
 this is a great way to discuss the book and
get to know your students in a different way.}
My students answer with things like
-Hare did all the work.
-Bear could have picked his part after the crops grew.
-Bear didn't pay attention.
Then I give my whole class a chance to vote again.
The second vote shows 19 kids thought Hare was fair,
while only 2 thought he was not.

{Now comes defend your answer time again...
why was Hare NOT fair?}
My students answered with things like this:
-He planted those veggies on purpose to trick Bear.
-Bear could have planted his own crops, but he didn't.
-Bear didn't have to agree with Hare two more times after he was tricked once.

Overall... pretty good conversations and critical thinking from 5 year olds.
Then we voted for the last time...
after we thought about BOTH sides of the story...
and the final vote showed 12 friends thought Hare was fair
while 9 thought he was not.

Best yet... I heard my students discussing this book at lunch and
at center time later that day and the next week.
I also heard friends talking about this book while at Read to Someone. 
{Insert evil laughter... I got them THINKING!}

We extended the plant theme to our literacy block by using seed packages 
and putting them in ABC order
I grabbed these packages for 20 cents each at Walmart a few years ago.
I loved them because they displayed the NAME of the seed and a PICTURE
I had to make sure I chose one seed package for each letter. 
I also grabbed 4 sets of each seed type. 
This allows me to have 4 sets of seeds packages to complete ABC order with at student tables.

My students LOVE scanning the learning sheets to hear 
the audio reading the information sheet to them.
They then fill out the record sheet to tell me all about the parts of a plant.
Since each section is pretty simple, quick, and to the point...
If they need to listen to it again, they can easily do so.
Best yet... this is such an easy way to allow your students to USE technology in the classroom.

 Here are the two packs from this post...