May 27, 2015

Too Many Toys {David Shannon}
Hi Spencer.
Spencer, Spencer, Spencer...
Is that you... 
That awesome David Shannon book about the kid with TONS of Toys?

I love to use this book in our David Shannon Author Study to discuss
 and use the PROBLEM in the story on the lines.
Then we give three solutions to the problem in the circles.

I love using this book for the the problem because this is a common problem for kids
and it helps them solve this problem in their own lives.

Here is a student example.
"Spencer has too many toys. His mom us getting rid of some."

{I love this because the student didn't think Spencer has too many toys,
but since his mother wants to get ride of some is the real issue.}
 The solutions he comes up with include putting them away in a box,
sorting them into bins,
and giving some of them away.

Here is another student example.
"Spencer loves his toys and he has many toys."
{Apparently his mother has no influence with this student.}
His solutions included putting some of the toys away,
selling some in a yard sale,
and giving some away to a friend.

We also played this reading comprehension game...
which is always a class favorite.

And here is our Spencer art work creations.

Check out the author study pack here...

and the collection of art project templates here.

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May 26, 2015

Bad Case of Stripes {David Shannon}

Who loves "A Bad Case of Stripes" by David Shannon?
I am a HUGE David Shannon fan.
He is my all time FAVORITE author and illustrator.
Each school year, I end the year with an author study featuring David Shannon.

And I LOVE Camilla Cream and her stripes.
This step of the author study has us focusing on three events in the book.
We watch this video of this story on
Storyline Online...
We start with the FIRST event in the story, then we move onto the LAST event.
Once we have the first and last event we fill in the middle event.

I encourage my students to write their sentences.
Here is one of my friend's work.
"She is colorful.
She is very sick.
She is normal."

They can also choose to draw sentences and illustrations.
"She had stripes.
She wants to be fixed.
She is sick."

 Once we write down all three events, we color the circle of the MAIN EVENT.

The class favorite is always the ART.
Art projects bring the magic alive.
And I recently updated this art product for a new and CUTE Camila Cream.

We decided to start with our Camila face.
My students got to pick whether they wanted their Camila to have stripes or not.

Here we are...
working on the carpet...
picking our Camila options.
{I left the sheets together just because some of my students wanted to make BOTH options.}
 After some fun snipping and gluing...
here are our Camila Cream works of art...
with and without stripes.

Check out the author study pack here...
and the collection of art project templates here.
And check out these FUN David Shannon books here!

May 17, 2015

End of the Year Exhaustion

My countdown to the end of school is sitting at 5.
My countdown to our big graduation play and program is 2.

You know what that means?
I am officially in the epitome of the End of the Year Exhaustion Zone.
The to do list is ever growing.
I get at a minimum 10 emails a day of things that need to be done by a particular deadline.
And all those deadlines are before post planning.

I no longer have planning time
 and I haven't in weeks.
We use that time do our play practice so all the 
Kindergarten team is working without planning and prep time.
I can't enter report cards accurately with a classroom full of 5 and 6 year old.
Most of these tasks wait until lunch time, after school, or evenings.

I am re-entering in data over and over again in various forms.
I am not sure why... 
but I have to keep doing it.
I have to enter assessments to the county's system, my state system,
 then into a form for administration.

I have props to find, costumes to create, and details to attend to.
And I am being honest here... 
I don't even do that much of this compared to my team member. 
She is like the play goddess. She is fantastic.

I have play programs to make, edit, proof, print, and fold.
Thank goodness for staff children and 
those upper grades students who need busy hands.
They will be folding a few hundred Graduation Programs tomorrow.

I have paper scrapbooks to finish and bind.
Then certificates to add. {I am using Mel D's this year.}
I create paper scrapbooks to hand out the day of our program.
We ran out of binder rings. 
We ordered the wrong size. 
We right size should be here on Monday.
{I really hope they get here!}
What do I put in the paper scrapbooks?

Than I try my best to make digital scrapbooks and give them out before the last day of school.
Sadly, time didn't allow me to get to that yet.
{I use my templates here for the Digital Scrapbook because this saves me so much time!

I also print out and prep summer packets for my students to work on.
Many of my families don't have the money to buy these themselves, so I try my best to provide them.
We don't always have enough paper at the end of the year,
But if we run out, I buy it myself to give this to my families.

Did I mention my own daughter is in K and 
therefore I also need to prepare her for the end of her year as well.
Teacher gifts.
Program outfit.
Normal stuff.

 But the end is near.
And it will all get done.

Your job...
Survive the 
End of the Year

May 08, 2015

I Want to Show You {a little} More Appreciation

How was Teacher Appreciation Week?

I hope you didn't think it was over...
because I know a few gals who have a {kinda awesome} gift remaining.
And it is Stitch Fix Style.
Check out my last two fixes.
Here is a picture of the first fix.
I got a pair of black pants, navy and white striped sweater, colorful sweater, pink shirt, and earrings.

Here is the bright pink/purple shirt.
 I love the color.
And I LOVE the fabric.
But look at these sleeves.
I am literally wearing my feelings about the sleeves...
on my sleeve.

I can't handle these sleeves.
They felt weird.
And I am pretty sure I could destroy this fabric in 30 minutes at school.
Sniff, Sniff
I love this color.

Next was this colorful sweater.
I paired it with black pants that also came in the fix.
 Then I matched it with some jeans.
 I liked this sweater.
The colors because I think this sweater can match almost anything.
{This is key for a person such as me because I have no fashion sense.}
But it was just too close to spring for me to consider buying this shirt.

Next was this navy and white striped sweater.
I love these sweaters for the layered look.
And because I am always cold.

It was comfy and pretty casual.

 My favorite piece in the pack were these earrings.

Ummm... LOVE these earrings.

What did I choose to keep?
I kept just the earring in this fix.
I liked so many of the pieces, but I LOVED the earrings.

And my second fit...
A gray and designed dress, grey pants, patterned shirt, black shirt, and necklace.

One of the best parts of StitchFix packages are the style guides.
I NEED them to make myself look "together" and matching.
 One of the pieces were this dress.
The top is gray and the bottom has this cool pattern.
 Now, I am going to show you this picture and you are not going to judge the hair...
or the tired teacher/mommy/person look.

I have pretty much no figure...
so I was impressed with the fake figure it gives me.

 And look at this floor shot.
The dress hits the floor!
I am pretty tall so I was impressed it actually touched the ground.
I can wear flats or heels.

 The second item in this box is this gray pair of pants.
And I love a pair of skinny pants.

The third item, this pattern skirt, and forth item, the black shirt, go together.

 Thanks for an outfit StitchFix.

 Here is a close up of the black shirt.

and the pattern skirt.
 I really liked how long the shirt hangs too.
And the fabric is so awesome.
I think I fell in love with it.

The last piece was this necklace.
 I hate it.
I have no style.
And I know others love it.
Like all those that fashion sense.

How much go all these items cost?
 Here is the total cost of this fix.
I ordered the item from my favorite to least favorite.
The shirt and skirt were my favorite... 
and the least was...
you guessed it...
 the necklace.

 What did I keep?
Yes, even that necklace.
See IF you buy all the items, 
it is sometimes cheaper than sending one thing back.
So I am handing the necklace over to my sister.

And Hubs almost begged me to keep the jeans.
{Did I mention he gave me a StitchFix gift card for my birthday so I had to get them.}

But how to they hold up in kindergarten?
 I wore the dress to school this week.
It handled well with my kinders.
And everyone loved the dress.

And my favorite outfit was this one...
it was perfection.

I want you to try StitchFix.
This is the one thing you get to do for you!
And you deserve it.
You can enter this rafflecopter for a $20 StitchFix gift card.

Check out these Lovely {and much more put together} ladies and their recent fixes.
And enter here for a $200 gift card!